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Do you ship international?

YES! We ship worldwide* with DHL Express

European Union:

- 8€ or Free Shipping on orders above 75€. No extra costs.

- Delivery time: 1-5 business days after order is shipped.


United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Indonesia (Bali), Israel, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Canada:

- 12€ or or Free Shipping on orders above 75€.

- Delivery time: 2-5 business days after order is shipped


Rest of the world :

- 20€ flat rate.

-Delivery time: 2-7 business days after order is shipped

* Certain countries are exempt and you will be notified at checkout if we do not ship your country at the time of the order.


How do I find my size?

Measure the length of the foot by placing a piece of paper against the wall and drawing a line at the longest toe. Measure and check our size guide. 

The tapered model is designed so that you have a little extra space in front of your toes.

We recommend choosing a larger size if you are in the middle of two sizes. If you use, for example, 37.5, it is good to choose a size 38.

Do I need a customer account to order?

No, you do not need a customer account. You can also place the order as a guest. But, if you are a returning customer, you will save lots of time by creating an account, so your shipping information will be directly inserted when you log in. 

What happens after I have made a purchase?

Once you have ordered what you want, we will automatically send you an email with an order confirmation. This contains all the information about your order.

As a registered customer, you can check the processing status of your order at any time under My orders.

Why have I not received an order confirmation?

Check your spam folder. The order confirmation is sent out automatically and can be perceived as junk e-mail (spam) by Hotmail and similar suppliers who use spam filters. You can change this by adding hei@sleepers.no as the secure sender in the email program you use. Also applies to newsletters. 

If you also do not find the order confirmation in the spam folder then an error may have occurred while registering the order. Contact us at Hjelp@sleepers.no and we will solve it.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel the order, add additional items to the order, remove individual items or change the order after it has been confirmed. Contact help@sleepers.no if you have any questions. 


How long is the delivery time?

We pack and send your order from our warehouse in Norway and ship worldwide with our partner DHL Express. We usually ship your order within 24 hours. After order is shipped delivery time is 1 to7 business days depending on where you are in the world.

European Union: 1-5 business.

United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland: 2-5 business days.

Australia, Indonesia (Bali), Israel, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Canada: 2-7 business days.

Rest of the world:

2-7 business days

What does the delivery cost?

Except for the shipping cost there is no additional costs. Duties and taxes are included.

European Union: 8€ or Free Shipping on orders above 75€.

United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland: 12€ or Free Shipping on orders above 75€. Australia, Indonesia (Bali), Israel, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Canada: 12€ or Free Shipping on orders above 75€.

Rest of the world:

20€ Flat rate.


How do I return a package?

If you, for various reasons, want to return your item, you can contact us at help@sleepers.no, remember to state the reason for the desired return. If the return is due to any errors and or defects, please document with photos and we will send a code that gives access to return the item at our expense. The item is then handed in at your nearest post office or post in store.

How do I get my money back?

When we receive your return, we will refund the money back through the payment solution you used. Refunds to a credit card can take up to ten business days after approval.

How do I file a complaint?

If there is anything wrong with your sandals, send us an email at help@sleepers.no  We need your order number, information about why you want to complain and one or more photos showing the damage.


Why did you start Sleepers?

We happen to know a lot about sustainability, design and production. Sleepers is our initiative to offer a better product for the environment and for you. We believe that change starts with a small thing, a small step and a helping hand to everyone involved. We happen to know a little about shoes too, and we love flip-flops.

It was in 2001 during one of our surfing trips to the then civil war-ravaged east coast of Sri Lanka, that we first came across flip-flops in natural rubber. We filled our board bags with Christmas presents for friends and family. Today, almost 20 years later, we are back in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Coincidentally, we started producing Sleepers at the same factory we bought flip-flops from in 2001. We can promise you that we will still love the people, the waves and the flip-flops.

Why do you use natural rubber?

Flip flops are the world's best-selling footwear from one of the world's least sustainable industries. They consist mainly of synthetic rubber made from residues from the petroleum industry. Synthetic rubber is not degraded by nature.

Natural rubber is a better solution. The natural rubber we use is tapped from living rubber trees in a careful process that requires extensive manual work.

Natural rubber will be perceived as softer and more comfortable than synthetic rubber.

Where are Sleepers produced?

The whole process from tapping the raw rubber from the trees, to producing and wrapping the sandals in recycled paper, is done locally in Sri Lanka. By going to the source and doing everything in one place, we avoid unnecessary transportation while ensuring fair conditions and benefits for the workers through our partnership with The Fair Rubber Association.  

What does fairly traded mean?

Through our partner organization, Fair Rubber Association, we can offer workers fair conditions while offering the market a flip flop in exclusive natural rubber with its superior silk-like feel as part of the solution.

Read more about the Fair Rubber Association here

Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution? Come and hug a tree with us! 

What is FSC?

The FSC mark is a sustainable forest management solution. It is necessary to be able to follow the tree from the forest to the finished product - no matter how many steps there are between the forest and the place where the finished product is sold. This requires certification. All FSC certifications are done by independent certification companies. Read more about FSC here.

Is natural rubber biodegradable?

Yes, natural rubber does biodegrade over time. But don't worry, they will not decompose during your life cycle with the shoes. They also consist of a binding material which is non-natural, as this is the best solution we have at the moment. Read more about materials at our sustainability page. 

Do you have a recycling program?

Not yet, but we are always thinking about our next sustainable step. 

If the shoe's life with you is over, they can be delivered for clothing collection (as long as they are not damaged), or for reuse at the recycling station. If they are damaged, they can be thrown in residual waste. You can try to put them into the compost bin but there will hardly be any soil before your grandchildren use it.

Other questions?

We would love to hear from you!