It is a cornerstone of Sleepers to build a transparent and sustainable supplychain. We work with artisans and rubber experts to develop our products. It is key to our mission to respect and care for the people we work with. We secure fair working conditions through our partner Fair Rubber.

Supply chain

It is a cornerstone of Sleepers to build a transparent and sustainable production.

We want to make it easier to make sustainable choices in our daily lives.

Sleepers are produced in Sri Lanka where we have gathered our whole supply chain. By doing this we can secure our value chain from where the raw material is sourced and the trees are planted to where products are packaged and shipped. We feel passionately about supporting our manufacturers and ask all of our manufacturers to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Fairly Traded Rubber

The Fair Rubber Association pay regular visits to the plantations in order to ensure that the work is done within the set standards. Currently, all our rubber is sourced from Horana Plantations in Sri Lanka. In order to ensure transparency, each flip flop is marked with the plantation the rubber stems from.

The plantation

We work with local artisans and rubber experts to develop our products. Latex is harvested and cultivated by hand from rubber trees in responsible managed forests. Through our partner the Fair Rubber Association we help improve the working and living conditions of the plantation workers and to secure a production free from hazardous chemicals that can harm the workers.

The people behind Sleepers


Frode Grønvold is a passionate outdoorsman, dropout and know it all turned serial entrepreneur. Frode holds 20 years of experience from the sportswear and fashion industry.


Nina Granerød is a Creative Director and designer with many years experience from the fashion industry. Nina holds a BA with Hons in design and fashion marketing from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

Tor Marius

Tor Marius Engen is a former professional athlete and active surfer. Tor Marius has 20 years experience in the shoe industry. His
agencies have represented some of the most valuable shoe brands the last decades.